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Featured Stories

Fall 2015

Climate Change & Conservation

Energy Matters

Crosslake Presbyterian is part of a growing number of faith-based institutions looking at climate change and environmental sustainability as a social justice effort that demands support from the pews. Last year, 77 Minnesota churches took part in a National Preach-In on Climate Change, organized by Interfaith Power and Light, a nationwide environmental stewardship movement with a chapter of its own in Minnesota. Their message got a big boost in June, when Pope Francis released a sweeping 184-page encyclical naming climate change one of the principal challenges facing humanity, and calling for developed countries to curtail consumption of nonrenewable energy.

Read more in Laura’s latest cover story for I.Q. about the power of saving energy.

Melting Away

“I hoped in the 1990s that the world would catch on. But we went the opposite direction, a short-term mentality took over and the environment has been politically sidelined. So I try to tell people it’s not just about saving the polar bears. It’s about saving our kids.”

Will Steger's Biggest Campaign

Scientists are watching glaciers very closely. Should the rest of us be doing the same?

“Definitely,” says Kelly MacGregor, associate professor and chair of Macalester’s geology department. “Glaciers are a sort of canary in the coal mine and as they shrink it’s telling us something about the earth’s climate.”

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Back to Nature

What’s the best way to get kids to care about conservation?

Kick them outdoors.

The Buzz is Gone

The bee-loud glade, as the poet once called it, is quiet. Except at the Bee Lab at the Entomology Department on the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota, where Dr. Marla Spivak’s telephone has been ringing off the hook. Everyone wants to ask her what’s happening to the bees, as a mysterious malady called “colony collapse disorder” wipes out honeybees all over the U.S.

Try and catch the wind

Harvesting the wind energy—and the green jobs that go with it—is the goal of Oceti Sakowin Power Project, a first-of-its-kind effort to launch a tribally owned power authority across eight Sioux tribes

Read about it in bMag

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