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Featured Projects | Winter 2015-16

A Greater Minnesota

Forged in crisis 30 years ago, the Minnesota Initiative Foundations have become a new model for rural philanthropy, economic development and forward thinking. Find out how the McKnight Foundation’s bold experiment in the wake of the farm crisis has paid off in more resilient rural communities in the latest issue of I.Q. Magazine.

Head in the Game

Is it possible to play youth hockey in Minnesota and not be ruined for life?

Read Nick’s classic Minnesota Monthly feature about what kids are really learning on the rinks.

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High Anxiety

With academic stress and mental health disorders on the rise, Macalester is one of many colleges boosting resources to help students live more balanced lives. Read the latest from Macalester Today.

Purls of Wisdom

  There’s a short list of accepted truths that most knitters have to learn the hard way: Never knit for a boyfriend, don’t talk while trying to turn a heel, October’s too late to start knitting for Christmas, and no matter what they tell you at the yarn shop, metallic mohair is a bad idea.  
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