Hail Fellows!

The Bush Foundation celebrates 60 years of great ideas and the people who powered them

Archie & Edyth: The Beginnings of the Bush Foundation

Archie & Edyth: The Beginnings of the Bush Foundation

Be good, not lousy

I do feel a responsibility to society because of going into print: a writer has the duty to be good, not lousy; true, not false; lively, not dull; accurate, not full of error. He should tend to lift people up, not lower them down. Writers do not merely reflect and interpret life, they inform and shape life.

— E.B. White

Gorillas Thank Minnesota Day

Gorillas Thank Minnesota Day

Wear Blue Thursday

Wardrobe idea: Wear Blue tomorrow in honor of World Diabetes Day and kids like Virginia, who deserve a cure.

Let There Be Light

This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage

Do you want to do this thing? Sit down and do it. Are you not writing? Keep sitting there. Does it not feel right? Keep sitting there. Think of yourself as a monk walking the path of enlightenment. Think of yourself as a high school senior wanting to be a neurosurgeon. Is it possible? Yes. Is there a shortcut? Not one I’ve found. Writing is a miserable, awful business. Stay with it. It is better than anything in the world.

–from “The Getaway Car” by Ann Patchett

A Preview of Coming Attractions

For the last few months, Nick and I have been working on a special assignment for the Bush Foundation, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Together, we dug into dusty archival boxes, burned through our cell phone minutes, interviewed more than 100 people in Minnesota and the Dakotas, and traveled to meet fascinating physicians, artists, tribal leaders, deep thinkers and do-gooders, all of whom have benefited from the foundation’s philanthropy. Chuck Olsen and the crack team at VidTiger are hard at work creating a series of video profiles of the people we met along the way, but here’s a lovely glimpse of one of the most entertaining interviews we did, with Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy, of Minneapolis’s amazing Ragamala Dance. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, including this three-way interview I really can’t wait to see on film:...