I tweeted myself out yesterday for Give to the Max Day, transcribing fundraising come-ons from the seven Como Zoo gorillas who “hacked” the twitter account.

I have only myself to blame for this communications strategy, since it worked out so well tweeting as Amanda the orangutan last year, we had to let the silverbacks give it a shot. And guess what? They raised 20 percent more than last year! I’ll definitely be putting those opposable thumbs to work on other projects.

Screenshot 2013-11-15 15.00.26 Screenshot 2013-11-15 15.01.05

The best part about this whole plan was working with the video dude from Square Footage Productions who, conveniently enough, happens to be my brother. Love the micro-videos he made for us under a tight deadline and difficult shooting conditions…for instance, the sloth featured below had just had a bowel movement, which in sloth-world, is a MAJOR EVENT that happens only every ten days or so. (Thus the towel on the zookeeper.)

Watch the rest of them to find out what seals eat for breakfast, and the best way to transport a 500-pound gorilla. I promise you, you’ll look at the Fed Ex driver with a whole new respect once you know the answer.

Como Friends 2 Chloe the Sloth from Square Footage Productions on Vimeo.

Como Friends-Treasures of the Sunken Garden from Square Footage Productions on Vimeo.

Como Friends 4 Gorillas in our midst from Square Footage Productions on Vimeo.

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